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    Something else. Other GLs can accept demits to their lodges from GLofAR and just plain laugh in GLofAR's face at complaints. Thus ignoring any attempt to keep good men from leaving a bad jurisdiction. Tyrants get stuffed.
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    <cough> FL Brothers didn't bring anything into their lodges. It was the then GM that put this ugliness onto the laps of his GL Brothers. And because of the timing of this bombshell, we had to wait until GL to voice our collective opposition to it. And we did in grand fashion.

    There was no "learning the hard way" on this. What you don't know is that it wasn't until this year at GL session that we were actually able to voice our collective want to put the recognition issue forward.

    It ain't how you're painting it Bro. and it's clear you have no clue as to what is and was going on.
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    And it is being done

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