Should individual lodges be able to serve alcohol?

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Should individual lodges be permitted to serve alcohol, in the lodge building.

  1. YES!

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  2. No

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  1. rpbrown

    rpbrown Premium Member

    Although I do agree with you, I have seen people have 1 drink, be fine but get into an accident. Doesn't have to even be their fault. Just saying as sue happy as everyone in this country seems to be, you never know
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  2. Winter

    Winter Premium Member

    True. Sadly, this is the world we live in now.

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  3. Mark Stockdale

    Mark Stockdale Premium Member

    Oh, we have the bar in the lodge, but it would never be open before a meeting, only after the meeting. The only exception to this would be at the annual installation, when the bar is open during the proceedings for the brethren who are not part of the installing board.
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  4. Bloke

    Bloke Premium Member

    It can be an issue actually.. but I would not blame the booze because many often only have a cup of tea or coffee.. the problem is not generally the booze, it is the conversation.. what is interesting is our members now turn up about 30 mins to an hour early to break open a bottle of wine and chat. What's also interesting, is knowing there will be no cold beer at that point, many bring a cold 6 pack to share... I'd rather start a happy lodge 10 mins late than a grumpy one on time.... but people do move upstairs because they know if we start 30 mins late, it means dinner will start 30 minutes later... the real issue is probably the guy who turns up 5 minutes before lodge and pours himself a drink or starts to make a coffee.. Maybe we should call last drinks before the meeting starts.. that's probably a good idea.. or get them upstairs beside the lodge room - but that splits the smokers and nonsmokers..
  5. Mark Stockdale

    Mark Stockdale Premium Member

    One good thing about the smoking ban in the UK, is that smokers have to go outside to light up, and with our weather it's a perfect reason to stay indoors.

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