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    Very interesting. In Kentucky all lodges have two sets of "house" aprons available. One for PMs and one for non-PMs.
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    In Scottish Lodges the Master becomes an "Installed Master" the minute he has passed through the 'Board of Installed Masters' at his Installation. It is customary for each lodge to have a complete set of both aprons and collars for all its office-bearers, including the Master, each with the jewel of the office embroidered on the flap, and it is this apron that the Master would wear when 'travelling', along with his Master's collar. He would not wear a Past Master's apron, nor be a 'Past Master', until his successor had been installed.

    I could write at some length as to how the customs of the GL of Scotland differ in so many respects from those found elsewhere but I will only add here that as a Past Master of a Scottish lodge, as when I were Master, I are not 'Worshipful Brother Miller' but, like all Scottish masons from the newest EA to the Grand Master Mason, I was plain 'Brother Miller'. When I was Master of my lodge, however, I was the 'Right Worshipful Master'!
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    Under GLoTX, some Lodges do, most don't- it's entirely up to the Lodge.
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