Xmas Dinner, Golden Trowel, Chilli Fund Raiser

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    Just to let everyone know how things went.

    First event:

    The chilli fund raiser was a HUGE success. We raised over $260 with "Brother Blakes South Texas Chilli" recipe. I feel like we should send you a check Brother Blake. LOL. Anyway, I cooked up about 60 lbs of chilli but was on duty during the day shift so that I could be at the Christmas Dinner. Brother Hippie and a few others were gratious enough to go and man the serving post. Brother Hippie managed to spend all his money with another vendor as he was passing out fliers. But I think he still managed to get a bowel. I'm glad he did cause I sure did not want to bring that big pot home.

    Second event:

    My family and I arrived at the lodge at about 6:00 PM. I was hoping to be there sooner, but you know how it goes. We brought the two smoked turkey and the ham that my wife cooked. WOW was that a great ham. Anyway, we took it inside where Brother Paul Vaughn and his wife were waiting for everyone. Brother Paul asked me if I was going to carve the turkeys. We both agreed that neither one of us were skilled enough so we talked his wife into it. As the night progressed, more Brothers arrived. We waited upstairs in the Lodge room for Brother Hippie. His 10 minutes happened to turn into 25, but he made it. We opened Lodge and then went from labor to refreshment. We all went downstairs to eat. There were many families to include grandparents to grandchildren. It was such a wonderful time. The food was great and the atmosphere was such a joyous one. It really felt like Christmas Brothers.

    Third Event:

    After we ate, everyone was usher up to the Lodge room to present Brother Raymond "Bubba" McCarver with the Glden Trowel award. It was an honor to be present for the ceramony. Brother Bubba and his family were beside themselves with joy and pride. My son in law took a great interest in Masonry after watching the ceramony. Hopefully I'll have more to say about that in the future. After the award presentaion, we sent the woman downstairs while we closed lodge.

    Again Brothers, It was such a wonderful time and gave a real sense of Family and Brotherely Love. It's what Masonry's all about. I wish we could have seen some of our B/CS Brothers there, but I understand how things come up.

    We hope to see you all next year......LJ
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    Wonderful! I love reading about these kind of events! Keep up the good work Brother!
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    great job in hearne, LJ!
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    Oh Brothers, he only touched on a little of it!!!!!!!! There are not enough words to describe how this went. I want to say right now, I am VERY PROUD of Brother LJ for his ideas, his work, and dedication to making this a FANTASTIC event for ALL of us at Golden Rule Lodge 361. I don't know how long it has been since there was a Christmas Dinner like this at this Lodge, but I sure hope the others were somewhere near as good, just for those Past Brothers.
    This Chile recipe he "stolt" from Bro. Blake was more than EXCELLENT!!! It was a bit sweet, and I would warn some of the folks it was a "Sweet Chile", but as a Yankee, I thought it was pretty good, even by our standards :) Most wanted seconds, and suggested BIGGER bowls next time. We tested the Chile a couple of nights before at our Stated Meeting. I went for seconds, as did a few others, but I saw a couple of Brothers "sneaking off" for THIRDS!!! As LJ said, we sold a BUNCH of it on Saturday during the annual Christmas Parade. It sure helped us out a bunch.
    Later in the evening, we had the Christmas Dinner, and Golden Trowel Award. We had many visitors, and as he said, he has a Son-in-law who is interested in joining us. A friend of mine is also interested, but is not quite ready yet. His Grandfather was a Mason, so he knows a little about us already. We had so much food it was unbelievable. The two turkeys were pretty well eaten, I think the Ham was demolished ( I tried to find leftovers of it later, and there were none!) there were all kinds of desserts, and real BBQ Brisket. If there was something you wanted, and it wasn't there, either you overlooked it, or you were too late.
    The Golden Trowel Award was given to a Brother who has worked hard in our Lodge for several years. He is coming up on his 25 years this next year. He has been active in local projects, including Little League, Scholarship Programs, FFA, and the County Fair. He is twice PM of our Lodge, and was WM when I came in. He and I were a part of an "Old Gunfighter's Group" many years ago, and we performed to raise money for the March of Dimes, and other projects like that. He's been Fire Chief at the Blackjack VFD, and is currently Chaplain. Due to his health, he is no longer able to get out and fight fires, but is not ready to give up helping out. It was a GREAT event for him, and the rest of us.
    Bro. LJ started on this about 3 months ago when there was a post about what was being done for Christmas. He kept asking questions, and working with it. He garnered the help of many just by telling them what he was doing, and what help he needed. Brother Paul Vaughn and his wife were a great asset as well. Bro. Paul rents the area beneath the Lodge for a BBQ Restaurant and Steakhouse. He is always willing to let us use it for our Pancake Breakfast, and to have events like this. Our WM Andy Berlan is very much a part of ALL we have done. He allows us to suggest things to do, and we discuss it. If the Brethren like it, a motion is made, and a vote taken, usually in favor of it. The WM then tells the person who came with the idea, that since it was his, he is in charge, and to let the Brethren what help he needs... I've learned now to ALWAYS give credit where credit is due!! I sure hope some of you can attend the next one, it sure was good. By the way, we eat better at our Stated Meetings now. Some of the wives didn't like us coming home and asking "What's leftover from supper?", and have started cooking for our meetings. :) Makes for a better meeting.
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    Dang! What's IN that chili?!? :wink:

    Seriously, I'm glad it all went well- more Lodges should be doing this sort of thing. It really brings the Brethren together.
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    Sul Ross inspired the Golden Trowel, or at least we believe we did, with our Order of the Evergreen award.

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