Conduct unbecoming of Masons

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    I just went back and reread some of the earlier post and was going to do a edit to my post. Thank you Bro Upton
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    What state are you in?
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    Conduct unbecoming? In Northern Illinois, short of being convicted of a felony or not paying dues, it seems like anything goes. Broken contract, taking money for degree work and then never providing an Intender and pocketing the money. All correspondence to the Grand Lodge ignored. Being an idiot I gave it another shot. My two favorites are the following. The worshipful master bragging about aggravated assault with a firearm because someone cut him off. That’s 20 years in prison here. Guy belongs behind bars. That’s how innocent people get killed. No consequences of any kind from the Lodge. And most recently the newly installed Deacon solicited my wife to come to a drunken kegger under the guise of a Church fundraiser. When I mentioned these instances to my Intender his reply was, “Masonry isn’t for everyone.” My father-in-law is a Sovereign Grand Inspector General overseas. Apparently Masonry is very different abroad. I have gone from being a raving fan to an enemy of masonry here in Illinois. Someone said there is some Grand District Deputy or something. But really if the Lodge voted for corrupt leadership, what other option is there but to quit and join some other group like the Knights if Columbus. Apparently there is no conduct unbecoming a mason here in Illinois short of a felony conviction.
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    So have you raised the concerns and tried to do something or..?
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    While this post raises many concerns, and if they are true I would absolutely like to see the GLofIL take notice, the solitary drive-by post purporting widespread corruption in Masonry in his area is also concerning. Such shenanigans when they do happen are often outed and corrected swiftly in this age of rapid communication and social media. I can't see an entire Masonic community being complicit in their silence.

    To Glen D, your accusations should absolutely be sent to the District Deputy there or direct to the GL. I assure you that if this activity is actually occurring it would be short lived.

    But I am skeptical considering the spate of anti-masons our forum has seen recently.

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    May I ask the grand lodge ?
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    I don't know if it was said, but it sounds like your lodge isn't under the GLofTX if you do "self study" work. We are required to have mentors teach us work, and proficiency "tests" to pass to the next degree. Without this you can't be taught unless its a MM.
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    I note you speak of "Chicago Lodge" in your profile - which Grand Lodge is this ?

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