Free born vs Slavery

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    Most people we think of, and know are in today's world/words freeborn. In my travels around this Country, I find some people who try to keep a form of slavery intact. I have worked for those who will order you as though they own you, and sometimes your family. They will pay wages only of enough for you to get by, but to the point you will have to borrow against future wages hence keeping you indebted to them. Many feel obligated, and will not leave that employment, knowing they have an obligation to repay it. They also know the one employer will try to cause trouble with another employer, or get them to take the money from the wages to pay the last debt, again putting them in debt to the current employer. Fortunately I have not fallen into this, but have helped others out of it, and been chastised for it. This does not seem to be anything in the larger cities with larger employers, but I have seen it in the smaller rural communities, where slavery was once a very organized form of life. Though the current employers were not owners of the past, these principles have been passed down from older generations. As a Law Man, I had to investigate some assaults in the past that were a "payment" for money owed by the husband... It is sickening to see this happen, and worse when you try to prosecute the case. I could go on for a while, but it still goes back to the days slaves were held, and traded/sold. I feel it is a time past, and needs to go away...
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    Thank everyone for the Nomination, I feel all warm and Cozy (In a masonic way guy's), this forum is inhabited by pure-de Masonic Brother's
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    This is a subject that has always bothered me, not on a racial basis, but just on the grounds that slavery of any kind has no place in the country that most of us live in or in the entire world for that matter. I am thankful to all of you for voicing your opinions and discussing the tough issues. I am glad to say that I feel our fraternity is still responsible, and always will be for the propagation of ideas of what is right for mankind.

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