A Brother Asks... How are the Penalties Administered "Symbolically"?

Discussion in 'Masonic Education' started by coachn, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. otherstar

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    Then they are not casual references. You need to find a better word than allusion, no?
  2. coachn

    coachn Coach John S. Nagy Premium Member

    No. They are.
    Nah. The word "allusion" was used appropriately within context. The penalties are allusions AND they also point toward profound consequences.

    You need to get your arguments in order Bro.
  3. otherstar

    otherstar Registered User

    Please explain how they are casual references and point to profound consequences. I think you are equivocating here.

    No, you need to take a logic course. You are using words as you see fit, not as they actually are defined. You've violated the first rule of logic: the principle of non-contradiction. A thing cannot be a casual reference and profound at the same time. It's either one or the other, not both simultaneously.

    I have a graduate degree in philosophy, and I have teaching experience at both the graduate and undergraduate level. I'm not easily duped. I'd give the initial article from this thread a B if it were submitted in my class because you do not use terms consistently, and frankly, your writing lacks a degree of focus and cohesion. You jump from point to point without fully establishing the connections between points, then you pronounce what you've written to be true and correct without fully demonstrating that it is so. You make inferences, not syllogisms (you do know what a syllogism is, right?). Bro....
  4. coachn

    coachn Coach John S. Nagy Premium Member

    You choose to see them as mutually exclusive. I do not.
    You might want to re-examine your premises and arguments on this.
    You certainly have a limited world view.
    I disagree and hence I shall boldly contradict your claim.
    You mean like something cannot be both a symbol and an emblem AT THE SAME TIME either?
    I disagree. It's not an either-or thing.
    I'm am truly saddened to hear you have invested your money and time in this direction.
    And you're teaching others to do the same? Did you not learn anything?
    And, the set up for ad hominem has occurred.
    There is it! So, is that a B+ or a B-?
    LOL! So, you're saying it's good enough for government work?
    <snicker> Yep. I'm delighted you noticed. The blog post was for Brothers who already knew what I was alluding to. I hope you might know a few.
    Wow! You got all that from a blog post and follow up commentary that never used those words. You truly are something amazing.
    Let's see... syllogisms... hmmmm.... like...

    If a man has not done the EA Work,
    and the EA Work requires circumscription of desires and subduing of passions,
    and to ultimately bring Order to the Chaos of an untamed heart,
    Then that man is likely to be an awesome example of what occurs when this work is not done.

    Nope. Guess I don't.

    I hope you come across less hostile when you are teaching our next generation.
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  5. otherstar

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    Truth is not a "choice." Things are true or they are not.

    How can you say this without meeting me and just basing this on an Internet forum post.

    How do you know?


    Nice double-speak, or equivocation.

    You have the right to be incorrect.

    Thank you for the insult. So you're making an ad hominem attack? Thanks. You've just shown me your true character.

    I've got a second degree in Library Science, which is my main line of work. I've taught ethics at the graduate and undergraduate level.

    If you say so, but it never happened did it?

    I don't do plus or minus grades.


    You mean those who've bought the cool aid and read your other books that you are constantly promoting and selling?

    You like ad hominem attacks, don't you?

    You don't, because that is not any kind of logical syllogism I've ever seen. It's an argument, but not a syllogistic argument.

    I'm holding back given how much I find you, your attitude, your posts, your constant hawking of your books, quite offensive. When I taught, I always got every good reviews from my students. You are offering your opinion. I questioned it, pointed out some inconsistencies, and I've obviously upset you. My job here is done :)
  6. coachn

    coachn Coach John S. Nagy Premium Member

    Red Herring.
    Hey. You took liberty. Are you saying I can't?
    How do you know I don't?
    As do you.
    Or the character I portray during an attack :D
    I'm glad you can execute a backup plan.
    Ah! Can't handle the challenge?
    Good. Then good enough.
    Ad hominem...
    I usually reflect what is shoved my way.
    If you say so.
    Ah! Holding back resentments. There's the driver for all your aggressiveness. Finally, the truth!
    Red herring...
    You offered your thoughts. I rejected them as being unsound. And now I know why.
    LOL! I've only reflected back what you shoved my way. You obviously didn't like seeing your reflection.
    1. You took an aggressive posturing from the beginning.
    2. You admitted to being a resentful malcontent.
    3. You admitted desire to upset me; that it was your "job".
    4. Your efforts to point out inconsistencies showed that you can't think effectively when dealing with things that upset you.
    5. You can't see that things can function two or more ways.
    6. Your taking things out of context was further evidence that you were grasping for anything you could to further your ill-directed cause.
    7. You hold yourself out as a highly educated teacher of ethics to our next generation.
    So, professor who teaches our next generation ethics.... How ethical is it to jump into a discussion, highjack a thread with a hidden agenda and do so with resentment in your heart and with ill intent toward your Brother?

    Thanks for providing the very points the blog post was conveying.
    1. Your word cannot be trusted.
    2. Your heart is bad.
    3. You are a torn man.
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  7. Bro. Stewart P.M.

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    I need a taller pair of boots for this conversation.
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