What started/sparked your interest in going through the chairs

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  1. Benjamin Baxter

    Benjamin Baxter Moderator Staff Member

    What started/sparked your interest in going through the chairs?

    What/who sparked your interest in going through the progressive line of the officers chairs? How long did you wait after be raised? What position did you start at?
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  2. Brent Heilman

    Brent Heilman Premium Member

    For me it was a matter of service to my Lodge. As it is right now every chair is filled by a first timer. For the longest time our Lodge line was filled with PMs. Every position was filled by someone who had been in the East at least once. About 6 months after I was raised the incoming WM asked if I would serve in a chair for the following year. Seeing that most everyone had already been through the line I figured a little new blood wouldn't hurt so I said yes. I started out in the Junior Steward position. For me it was something I had planned on anyway. I love the ritual and wanted to be more involved so being in a chair was natural. I am now the Senior Steward but I have sat in just about every chair except WM. I took it upon myself to learn all the chairs regardless of which one I occupied. Hopefully soon I will earn my "A" Certificate and I am planning on conferring my first degree at some point this year. I am working my butt off to get to where I want to be, but I wouldn't trade any of it.
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  3. Mac

    Mac Moderator Premium Member

    I am, admittedly, a young Master.

    After I was raised, I pro-tem'd the position of Tiler for about six months before elections happened. I had already started to become involved with lodge committees and masonic education, so I was asked if I wanted to sit in a Deacon's position. The rest is history. I learned as I went, and spent my year in the West preparing for the East.

    Am I too young for this chair? Perhaps. But we've had one of the best years in the Lodge's recent history. You can spend twenty years in a Lodge and still never be prepared to lead a group of men in the labors of Freemasonry. I feel privileged to have been entrusted with the helm of my Lodge, but I believe I've lived up to the challenges presented and our Lodge is better for it.

    I would share something a good Mason shared with me: Do you benefit from going through the chairs, or does the Lodge benefit? If you think you won't be contributing to the Lodge in that role, then find someone who will.

    I took that to heart and made sure my year in the East was one that served the Lodge and its brethren.

    That said, I can't wait for June! :001_tongue:
  4. Ratchet

    Ratchet Registered User

    In answer to questions, my instructor, my dad, and some of the lodge officers encouraged me to get started with being an officer. I started out filling in as pursuivant shortly after being raised. Once I got started, I was hooked !!! No turning back !!! Within a little over a years time, I was also conferring degrees.
  5. Benjamin Baxter

    Benjamin Baxter Moderator Staff Member

    Before I was raised, there was lots of talk about needing new brothers to take leadership roles in the lodge. We had floor school once a week. Most of the chairs are filled by pm's. I did not practice in these roles unless it was needed. I needed to save my brainpower for the proficiencies. Since being raised I thought that this transition would happen. I thought that we would continue floor school every week and I could get some practice. We have had only stated meetings once a month and one ea degree. I am anxious, but it seems that few are as much as me at my home lodge.
  6. widows son

    widows son Premium Member

    I was asked because I have a good memory for the work. The chairs have been occupied by roughly the same guys, so new blood definitely was needed. Senior deacon is my first chair, and am looking well to the south. I think I'd rather do all the chairs before my turn in the east.
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  7. Blake Bowden

    Blake Bowden Administrator Staff Member

    My instructor was the one who encouraged me to go through the line. I was initiated in 2008 and Senior Deacon was my first position. Went to the East last year and now I comfortably serve as Junior Deacon :)
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  8. chrmc

    chrmc Registered User

    For me it's not the ritual work, but rather the chance to serve the lodge and have a positive influence. I know I'm good at organizing things and putting structure in place, and I think that this would benefit my lodge.
    And then also the fact that I simply just like doing organizational work.
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  9. Bill Hosler

    Bill Hosler Registered User

    Honestly, when I petitioned my lodge I had never even considered being an officer. I had planned on just being a member. The first stated meeting after i was raised I was sat in the Junior stewards chair and I kept attending meetings and each year I was given a different seat. Five years later I was Master of the lodge.

    I didn't mind mostly because I have a good memory for memorization and I considered learning the work a challenge.
  10. Pscyclepath

    Pscyclepath Premium Member

    The first time I sat in lodge as a master mason, about three weeks after being raised, they had me filling in as Senior Deacon for an absent brother. About two months later I was appointed as junior deacon when the incumbent had not shown back up for nearly 5 months, and I have started up the line from there, currently senior deacon. I'm not all that anxious to be an officer, but it's one way to be of use to the lodge. And, I have learned a lot from the experiences.
  11. jwhoff

    jwhoff Premium Member



    I missed a few meetings and found myself there.
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  12. Michael Hatley

    Michael Hatley Premium Member

    I joined the line as an EA, as Senior Steward, just a couple of months after being made a Mason. Was installed and all, and then one of our senior members pointed out that as I was an EA, I was technically not yet a member of the lodge and so my installation was invalid. So rather than cause a fuss I gave up my fancy apron and stepped down officially but continued doing the job unofficially that year, and then went on to a deacons chair the next year with all the i's dotted and t's crossed.

    I did it to do my part to uphold the lodge. It seemed to me that good food was a thing that cut across any sort of disagreements (of which there were several of in our lodge, at the time), and that it was a way to spread some good cheer. Something simple to build outward from. And a way to speak with actions rather than words, sort of.
  13. Roy Vance

    Roy Vance Certified Premium Member

    I started as a spectator. I was Raised in May of '11 and the next month the WM elect appointed me Junior Deacon. I accepted the job, not knowing a thing about what I was doing, but willing to learn everything I could. I asked to be held over for the next year as JD as I had been elected Junior Warden in an affiliate Lodge and did not want to crowd things too much. I just hope I haven't overloaded my wagon.
  14. Bill Lins

    Bill Lins Moderating Staff Staff Member

    Actually, I wasn't given much choice in the matter. Six months after I was raised in Wharton Lodge I was appointed SD, although I never once served in that place. I pro-temed at either JW or SW that entire year. The following year I was elected SW and the year after that I became WM. The Lodge had been recycling officers for years & I was told it was my duty to serve, so I did even though I didn't think I was ready. Thanks to the PMs & my Secretary, I muddled through somehow.

    While SD @ Wharton Lodge, I became the instructor for one of El Campo Lodge's candidates who happened to be from Wharton. Because of him, I began attending El Campo & wound up joining there, too. They asked me to be JW there the same year I was to be SW @ Wharton. I wound up being WM there right after finishing my term as WM @ Wharton. In fact, we had to make sure the installation of my successor @ Wharton (who happened to be the candidate I spoke of earlier) occurred first so that I could be then installed @ El Campo (can't be WM in two Lodges at the same time)!

    BTW, the candidate wound up immediately following me through the chairs in both Lodges.

    It's been a long, strange road... :wink:
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  15. Warrior1256

    Warrior1256 Site Benefactor

    I was raised in August of last year. My lodge is small and I was told that I was needed to fill the position of Senior Deacon at the next officer installment. I agreed and have not regretted it since.
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  16. Carl_in_NH

    Carl_in_NH Site Benefactor

    I joined the line as a way to give something back in support of Masonry and my lodge. I was appointed Senior Steward a couple months after being raised, and am now in the West. This January I'll be half way through my two years in the West (we are on a two year cycle), and look forward to continuing my service. I've also learned how to prepare a passable meal for 20 brothers in my service to the lodge - something I never expected when I joined...
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  17. Derinique Kendrick

    Derinique Kendrick Registered User

    I was raised in July of 2015. As I was going through my first degrees I noticed that we had about five or six different Past Masters filling in chairs. I felt as if no PM should have to take a chair if there are plenty of brothers around the lodge who hadn't held a seat. Shortly after I was raised I realized that attendance from some brothers wasn't dependable enough to place them in chair so those Past Masters Had to sit in. I immediately asked if I could be of service. Every meeting I attended after being raised I filled in for officers who either didn't show up or were late. I learned alot doing this and before I knew it I had learned the SW part for opening and closing almost word for word. Alot of brothers saw how much I was learning and putting into perfecting my craft and took note. This past December I was elected and installed as the Junior Warden for this year. It's a pretty big deal to me and something I don't take lightly or for granted. I'm glad the brothers saw something in me to bestow me with that responsibility.
  18. Bloke

    Bloke Premium Member

    Then definitely not too young. Well done :)
  19. Warrior1256

    Warrior1256 Site Benefactor

    A hearty congratulations Brother.
  20. AndreAshlar

    AndreAshlar Registered User

    I was raised in November 2014 and was immediately elected Secretary of the lodge. It was excellent for me because I learned the business and administrative side of things. I had the opportunity to streamline some processes as my lodge had utilized antiquated methods up to that point. Seasoned past master's were sitting in seats. We're a lodge of 2 dozen brothers and we have 3 brothers who are 90+ in age. Another 8 who are 70+. My ideas were welcomed. I took advantage of the chance to make immediate contributions. Working at the WM's right hand was invaluable. In the meantime, I learned the opening and closing for all of the chairs. I was elected Junior Warden in October 2015. I intend to serve my lodge in whatever capacity the brothers deem fit.
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