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    Same in Victoria
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    same. The WM-elect is escorted to the Altar by the installing marshal. There he is caused to kneel and take the oath or obligation. Several other things happen. He is then escorted to the East, invested with the tools of his office and then the elected officers are installed.'

    After that, the new WM reads his list of appointed officers and they are installed.
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    PA is always different!

    Secretary is installed by former Secretary or WM if he is repeating, then same for Treasurer, JW takes over the lodge and installs new JW, SW takes over the lodge and installs new SW, WM takes the lodge back and installs new WM. Everyone who does not posses "The Word of the Chair" is dismissed from the lodge and something happens. Whoever is left in the lodge (New WM and PMs, DDGM) close the lodge while everyone else is eating! The newly installed officers do not actually take up their offices until St. John's Day.

    The appointed officers are not installed, they serve at the Will and Pleasure of the WM and he can remove or move them about as he sees fit. They simple show up in their chairs at the 1st stated meeting in January.
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    Exactly the same here.
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    Very interesting!
    They certainly are but nothing wrong with that.
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    I'm being installed as JW in my home lodge tonight and JW in my plural lodge tomorrow night. Chairs so far have been JD home lodge 16', SD plural 16', SD home lodge 17', SS plural 17' also webmaster and district communication officer.
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    Congrats Brother!
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    Thanks Brother!

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    Officially sat in the south for the full meeting for the first time on January 24th. I had memorized my lines and did a good job. I received compliments from the Worshipful Master, some of the PMs and brothers.

    Two weeks later four of us (consisting of our WM, SW, myself, and my son who is our Senior Steward) went on a lodge visit . They needed help to confer an FC degree. I sat as JW, my son as SS, and our SW as SW. It was the first degree ritual for all of us. We did a great job it was a little nerve racking, but I was glad I had been studying my rituals. I can't say how special it was for me personally.

    We do our first EA degree on February 28th in our lodge and I'm sure that will be very special as well.
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